Introducing the Valve World Mexico Conference

March 4 & 5, 2020 – Mexico City, Mexico

The Valve World Americas team is excited to host the inaugural Valve World Mexico Conference in March 2020, at the Sheraton Mexico City Maria Isabela

Hotel. Following the success of the Valve World Americas Expo & Conference 2019 Spanish Language Sessions, the Valve World Americas team wanted

to extend the opportunity to those in the Mexican valve industry, to gain relevant information, network and share first-hand experiences.


Potential Conference Session


• New Technologies

• Best Practices & Lessons Learned

• Valve Testing & Standards

• Valve Maintenance

• Supply Chain

• Oil Refining

• Fugitive Emissions

• Connected Services/IoT

Join the Knowledge & Networking Experience

Be part of the premier valve event in Mexico and network with the leading minds driving ahead innovation and

excellence in the fields of valve manufacture, use and maintenance. The Valve World Mexico Conference is a dynamic

and interactive event with a strong focus on personal interaction. The high quality conference has an emphasis on practical, applicable knowledge sharing with the

subject matter experts and key opinion leaders of the valve community. Not only will you gain knowledge and improve your skills, you will also expand your

professional network for years to come. 

Share Your Expertise! Be Part of the 2020 Valve World Mexico Conference!

The Valve World Mexico Conference 2020 Steering Committee encourages presentations to be made at the event

on a wide variety of topics related to valves, actuators, and flow control industry. Experts from all aspects of the

manufacture, specification and application of valves are invited to submit an abstract to present on the hottest topics

impacting the valve world today. Showcasing a diverse range of topics and high-end ‘end user’ driven content, the

Valve World Mexico Conference 2020 promises to be the meeting point for the flow control industry!

Workshops will be centered around one these or topic, with speakers giving presentations related to that theme, sharing their knowledge and expertise

with conference attendees. Following the presentations, attendees will be invited to pose questions and audience interaction is always encouraged to help spark debate, discussions and the free exchange of ideas and experiences, as they are all an integral part of the conference experience.


Uniting the World of Valves

The Valve World Mexico Conference knows no borders and welcomes participants from around the globe. Our international speakers and attendees

relish this unique knowledge sharing event. Come and shake hands with valve users keen to share their knowledge and build their network.

The participants are given the chance to branch out of their comfort zones and learn in a new and dynamic environment surrounded by likeminded individuals. 

The ability to deviate from the recurrent routine of day-to-day office life promotes intellectual growth, while the interaction with other industry professionals,

encourages productivity and efficiency as new products and project are revealed and encountered. The conference simultaneously, excels at promoting the importance and benefit

of building a social network and gives the opportunity for individuals to make connections with industry peers. Join the discussions, share you knowledge and explore the endless possibilities

for business networking.